Spaghetti Orb series

Fazebarpizza is main protagonist of Spaghetti Orb and He's primary orber from Spaghetti Orb

he got kidnapped by Evil King Spaghetti from Spaghetti Orb 1. Spaghettlings in Spaghetti Orb 1 and 2.

and he got kidnapped by Evil Lasagna from Spaghetti Orb 4

and Alien King Spaghetti kidnap him along with Team Spaghetti on Spaghetti Orb 5, 8 and 12

and he got kidnapped by Slimy Lord on Spaghetti Orb 6


Toxic of Shadows (as Protagonist)


Toxic of Shadows (as Boss)

Acid Man is robotic from Mega Man 11, but he's second appear only Toxic of Shadows 15, after Hackjacker MK2 is destroyed, he bullied her while he's infected by Gasher's toxic virus.

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