Evil King Spaghetti is main antagonist of Spaghetti Orb series. he's evil king and greedy to target Team Faze.

Spaghetti Orb 1 - The Spaghetti World

First appear, his minions named Spaghettlings, but his evil plan are completely, but Evil King Spaghetti's owner named Crazy Chef, but robloxian can enter Spaghetti World, anyways, his meanwhile scene are happened, Spaghettling telling da King if he thinks robloxian dodging every obstacles in Spaghetti World, he's pissed on robloxians who trying to save FazeDaScrafty, when robloxian after Scary Shortcut, he's goes to trap robloxians about himself. but he's meeting Faze's most guardians (Over, Nurr, Luke, Dull and Ice) and Robloxian on first time, he pressed button to trap Faze's most guardians. but except for protagonist. he thinks Giant Spaghettling is coming on fight Robloxian, he leaved upon Faze's survival without trouble... After you saved Faze, King Spaghetti heard about faze is escaped. and he's very pissed on Spaghettling about Faze's escaped who releasing him from Spaghetti Orb. he jumped out of throne, he's thinking about his new evil idea to kidnap Faze in a unknown swamp land, on Spaghetti Orb 2 Leaked

Spaghetti Orb 2 - Savage of the Swampland


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